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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


At Greatham Primary School we have a 'community room' which is available to groups outside of the school to use. Greatham is a small rural village with very few transport links and minimal facilities. Because of that, local groups rely on our school, and our community room in particular, as a place to meet. Regular users include a group of local childminders and their preschool charges, who used to meet at a nearby Sure Start centre but this has now closed down. This group use their meetings to share best practice, run training workshops and give the children an opportunity to play, learn and explore together. Greatham also hosts regular meetings of the Greatham Stitchers, a sewing and craft making group, run by volunteers and attended by stitchers of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents.

Other users include a local church group, a speech therapy group, a preschool story telling group, keep fitters, karate club and zumba classes. The community room is also very well used by the children at school, for breakfast and after school clubs, cooking and arts & crafts. Hundreds of people use the room every week.

Both the community room itself and the small enclosed garden it opens onto desperately need refurbishing to meet the needs of the people that rely on it. The room has very little furniture. The few tables and chairs we do have are old, rickety and not fit for purpose. There are a few open shelves in the room but these are not adequate or accessible to most. The outside patio area has such potential but, because it is uneven and very slippery in wet weather, it is not safe.
Because of the lack of storage inside the room, temporary garden sheds are used to store the groups’ various resources outside. These are bulky, not weather proof and take up much of the paved area outside. The blinds in the room are old and, as they come with beaded pull cords, are unsafe for small children.

We would like to buy new, child friendly, stackable chairs and tables, new lockable storage units that double up as craft tables or cookery stations, a new interactive whiteboard that would meet the need of many other groups who would use the space for meetings and presentations. We would also create a safe and inspiring outdoor area for all the community to enjoy with a level, non-slip patio, offering full accessibility to all. We would like to brighten up the space and make it a more inspiring place with colourful rugs, bean bags and toddler friendly blinds.

Our community room is a vital local facility which has the potential to serve even more people and groups if we had better resources and if we could create a safer, more accessible environment. If our project were to win this grant, the impact would genuinely be felt by the whole community. We are all committed to maintaining what would become a wonderful space, so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Greatham Primary School

Greatham Primary School are proud to play host to such inspirational, creative and greatly valued groups from within our small but very active community. We want to continue to do so! Please vote for our project and enable us to provide a safe and happy space for them, and our children, to enjoy!

Location: Greatham