Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We would like to remove the old rotten wooden play equipment and replace with a new outdoor wooden adventure area. The children will be able to explore whilst learning new skills of physical development. The Wooden course has been developed and planned around a set area of school as we feel the children would greatly benefit from this activity.

Our plan is to add add a pathfinder traverse wall, log traverse, rock and roll crossing, stepping logs and more. We can only do this if we get your help.

We have been working hard to raise funds and have £2400 of the £4835 we need and with the help of the Aviva grant our hopes will be a reality and we will be able to have a full outdoor wooden adventure area that the children will use for years to come. Our old wooden play equipment has been down for 20 years and is rotten and unsafe.

We really would like to make this area available for the Children, Families and community to use. Thank you for taking the time to vote. The Friends of Denby Free Committee.

Friends of Denby Free School

We are very proud of this project as we feel this will enhance the children physical well-being and enhance there abilities. This year our PTA have worked extremely hard to provide funds for school equipment, we have raised £2400 towards this but need a little help to get this project completed.

Location: Denby Village