Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


2497 (Cosford) Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC) is an established military youth organisation for people aged 12 – 20 years of age. Based at RAF Cosford we attract cadets from all over Shropshire and Wolverhampton. As an organisation we give every member the opportunity to attend a variety of activities including flying, shooting, and adventure training camps. We offer the Duke of Edinburgh award and a BTEC in aviation, not many other youth groups can offer such widely recognised qualifications.

Though we offer many opportunities, life skills and activities we have chosen our band for this particular project.

We are proud of the band we have and enjoy leading the procession at many local public events, including Remembrance Sunday, ATC Sunday, Fayres and Carnivals, within the surrounding towns and villages. There is no prerequisites for cadets to join the band just a willingness to learn and give back to their community. In turn we teach the children how to play, march and perform in public. Standing outside in the cold for a couple of hours holding an instrument is not a task to be taken lightly! The cadets develop teamwork, self-discipline and self-confidence and every performance they display how they have grown and developed in these skill sets. It is always a great way to show off their new found skills to their families and friends whilst proudly giving back to their community.

However many of the instruments we have were donated by the Boys’ Entrants Band many years ago and though they have been repaired many times they are looking tired and worn. Sadly some are being held together with tape and zip ties just so we can use them! We have managed to borrow some instruments from other squadrons around us but this is only a short term measure. We would like this grant to be able to enable us to repair some instruments and replace many others. The money would also go towards aiding us to buy new accessories to make the instruments more comfortable for the cadets to wear during practices and performances. Finally the money would also buy much needed cases for transporting the equipment from our Squadron base to the location of the performance, to prevent any further damage.

We are a growing Squadron, with nearly 100 cadet members. Our most recent intake saw a further 20 potential cadets wanting to join us. We would like to give more children and young adults the opportunity to play and become a member of the team by having more instruments. By showing the community who we are and what the cadets can achieve more children will want to join and develop their own skills and learn to confront their fears. We embrace the spirit of adventure and enjoy being able to give back to the community.

2497 (Cosford) Squadron Air Training Corps

I’ve been a member of Staff for over three years and have seen first-hand the benefits that membership of our squadron brings to young people. I’m pleased to see a child walk through our doors but I’m proud to see their beaming smile when they’re on Parade in front of their family or the first time

Location: Cosford