Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


CLASSS has provided evening supplementary education classes, based on small-group tuition, to primary and secondary school age children in need of extra help with their schoolwork since 2008 (and dating back to the 1980s through our predecessor CHALCS). Pupils are taught by volunteers, apart from secondary school pupils, whose tuition is led by professional tutors supported by volunteers. English and Maths are the focus of tuition, but lessons also include Science and PSHE in response to pupils’ needs. We run every Thursday in term-time, 5.45pm-7.30pm in North Leeds. We currently run five classes (one for Key Stage 1 pupils; two classes at Key Stage 2; and a class each at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4/GCSE).

We started in response to a survey of headteachers that uncovered a need for our service, which is shown in its strong and rising demand that continues to grow. Relying predominantly on word-of-mouth, we have 45 children currently registered, but rising, and we have a waiting list for primary pupils. According to their school reports, almost all our children have below average attainment, placing them at higher risk of disadvantage and becoming Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). While this happens there will be always be a need for our service.

We receive no statutory funding and rely on grants and heavily-subsidised fees to cover all costs, including room rental, books and materials, professional tutors for secondary pupils, volunteers’ travel expenses and other costs.

This support would secure our three primary classes for one term’s tuition. Room rental is forecast to be our main cost and is always a main consideration for our fundraising. It is important that we rent separate rooms for each class because it is not possible to share rooms without distracting other classes.


Supplementary classes are now the norm-we BRING TOGETHER children from ALL BACKGROUNDS across diverse communities who otherwise cannot afford this opportunity. We are LONGSTANDING, VOLUNTEER-LED and serve the WHOLE CITY as pupils come from 20 different schools. Our RISING DEMAND shows our value!

Location: Leeds