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Funding level: Up to £1,000


St George's Grandparent get Gadgets!
The perfect pairing: A generation that never knew a world before computers help their grandparents get into the technological fast lane. This project will fund modern day devices such as 20 tablet computers to bridge the inter-generational divide.
With the internet becoming the main communication tool of choice with push notifications reminding you of your hospital appointment, paperless billing and internet banking, the digitally excluded will be significantly disadvantaged when trying to access services.
With the launch of our new school app, we believe our children are the most effective advocates to encourage grandparents to go online.
In addition, it can up skill our young people in their listening and speaking skills alongside their confidence as they assume the role of mentor to their grandparents.
For their grandparents, the internet can open up a new world in which friends can be reunited and interests explored.
With the funding, we aim to purchase a set of tablet computers. We will invite grandparents into the school to attend an afternoon tea party, hosted by the children. During this afternoon tea, the children and teachers will work with the grandparents, introducing them to the features of the computers, getting them connected! This will be followed up with monthly invites into the classrooms, where we will see both generations working together, learning through the technology purchased through this fund!

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St George's Primary School

As both a teacher and a parent, there is no greater sense of achievement than seeing young people accomplish something. I believe that by building these relationships with grandparents through technology in the classroom that they themselves will experience this sense of pride and purpose.

Location: Maghull