Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Ockley Village Playground was refurbished in 2000 as part of the millennium celebrations. It has been used on countless occasions by Ockley children and even by families passing through the village.

The Parish Council is responsible for looking after the playground. We employ a firm of specialists to report to us on a quarterly basis on the general state of the playground and, in particular, on safety issues.

One of the pieces of equipment (a slide) now requires some serious attention as the wood has started to rot and there is a danger from splinters to young hands. We would like to replace the slide with a modern piece of equipment.

The slide in question (the pink elephant) is shown in the photographs in its setting with other pieces of playground equipment. Our preferred replacement is a green dinosaur slide - also shown in the pictures.

There are, as always, a great many demands on funds and a contribution from the Aviva Community Fund would be extremely welcome. It would allow us to carry out this important work in the very near future.

Ockley Parish Council

The play ground is a well used and loved facility for the village. The Parish Council is very aware of its responsibilities to ensure that it is kept in a safe condition and it is regularly inspected by a qualified third party. A new slide would help to ensure its continued safe operation.

Location: Ockley