Funding level: Up to £1,000


Tanhouse Morris Dancers has been running now for 45 years.
We are based in Tanhouse which is a very underprivileged area of Skelmersdale and as such in order to include as many families as possible we provide all costume and equipment needed to compete from fundraising and grant applications.

This year we need to provide new dresses to our younger lines (Babies aged 2-6, Dinkies & Tinies (age 7 -11))
Costume is a huge part of how we are judged at competition and it also makes a big difference to how the girls feel when competing.

£1000 would allow us to provide new costume for our younger lines for the upcoming 2018 season.

Our troupe is a second family and cover so many of the categories mentioned. The girls support each other through so much more than just their dancing routines.

We encourage an active lifestyle, good fitness, team work, self respect and dignity in all our dancers achieve.

We are run entirely by unpaid volunteers who's dedication is second to none to ensuring all costume is clean and tidy, all girls are trained to the best they can and we are able to attend regular competitions.

Any help received would be a huge help

Tanhouse Morris Dancers

Our dancers commitment to everything each other is second to none.
We have amazing volunteers who keep everything going giving up many hours for free to ensure our girls can compete.
TMD are more than a group they are a family who I am very proud to be a part of for the last 38 years

Location: Ennerdale, Skelmersdale, United Kingdom