Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The North Walsham Angels are an amazing group of girls who are very committed to football and a healthy lifestyle. They play voluntarily like most if not all women's football teams which goes to show they do not play for fame or fortune but for the genuine love and passion for the sport.

The NWLFC play in the Norfolk Women's & Girls Football League, Division One. They were the 2015/16 NWGFL Plate winners and have the potential to go all the way this season to become league winners.

NWLFC has an open door policy to encourage female footballers of all ability to participate in football and to give an outlet into adult football for girls wanting to continue playing football from youth teams at 16.

Woman’s football has become more successful than ever before. With an ever growing interest into this sport it is not only the men that are favouring football. Woman’s football has given the opportunity for people of all ages to get involved. The only downfall to this is that the funding for women’s football isn’t enough to give them the opportunity to explore football in a greater depth. With the success of professional woman footballers, it is evident that more woman want an equal opportunity to progress or to just enjoy the sport. With this funding, it would mean that a local team will have the opportunity to become more and more popular within the community for all of the right reasons.

The NWLFC like to get stuck into the community and have played games to raise money for charity and other campaigns. As you can see from the images above the ladies played a game against their shirt sponsor NWES to raise money for: Jessica-Jane Applegate who is a Paralympic Swimmer in order to get her to Tokyo 2020. This goes to show how kind a genuine the girls are to help others in their community especially when it comes to encouraging and helping others to achieve their goals in various different sports.

There are many areas were the funding could be used and some of the areas are;
Enable us to invest in coaching equipment, more portable floodlights to enhance the lighting at our training venue. We have players and especially younger ones who coach within girls team at North Walsham Youth FC of which we are affiliated with. Part of this funding would enable them to further their coaching qualifications, enabling them to become more qualified coaches and this will benefit the girls within the teams they coach.

These girls really deserve the support, fan base and funding from you!

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North Walsham Ladies FC

I am very proud to be a part of this organisation. All of the ladies, the manager and families involved work really hard and are very committed to the sport and the team on and off the pitch. Everyone involved are more than happy to help others and enjoy pushing the team to achieve a mutual goal.

Location: North Walsham