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Here you can find all of the previous winners from the Aviva Community Fund.


So, if you are looking for inspiration for your project entry or to see which local projects have received funding from the Aviva Community Fund, take a look below.

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Bethany Starlights - End of Season Competition
Bethany Starlights Majorettes
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Student Leaders - Silver Surfers
Whole Education
South ...
HH Winner
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Market Drayton Scout Group Archery for All
2nd Market Drayton Scout Group
Market Drayton
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Pill Community Centre New Entrance Hall
Pill Community Centre and Village Hall
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Brinscall and Withnell Athletic and Recreation Association ...
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Saying Goodbye Southampton Snowball
Saying Goodbye (a division of the Mariposa Trust)
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Junior Jigsaw
Chesterfield and Bolsover Learning Community
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Singing for Life
HH Winner
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Gordon Village Hall- New Chairs
Gordon Village Hall.
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Debden New Village Hall
Trustees of Debden Village Hall
HH Winner
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Raise the Roof Guide Hut Guessens Road
Girlguiding Guessens District
Welwyn Garden City
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Get the Kids Bowling
as above
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We captured the moment when some of the projects found out they’d won - watch below to see how they reacted and what winning the funding means to them.

Aviva Community Fund winners are revealed (2015 winners)
Purple Patch, Halifax (2015 winners)
Age UK, Barnet (2015 winners)
Pathways Care Farm, Lowestoft (2015 winners)
The Emotion Of Winning (2016 winners)

Video transcript

Aviva spokesperson: You’ve actually won the £25,000!

Purple Patch Arts: Thank you so much!

Aviva spokesperson: I’m actually pleased to tell you that you have actually won!

Pathways Care Farm: Oh that’s amazing! Thank you so much, thank you so much!

Aviva spokesperson: It’s well deserved, it’s such an inspirational place, it really is, well done indeed.

Aviva spokesperson: I’m here to tell you that you actually won the actual £5,000 today.

Age UK Barnet: That’s really wonderful, thank you very much indeed.

Purple Patch Arts: All the amazing work we wanted to do, we’ll be able to do and we will be able to visit hundreds more young people like these fabulous guys here.

Pathways Care Farm: This is a huge amount for us and it really will benefit a lot of people.

Age UK Barnet: It’s not every time that you get given £5000 and I’m really delighted!

Purple Patch Arts: It’s amazing! I can’t believe it, it’s going to allow us to do so much.

Video transcript

Bronia Angove – Purple Patch Arts: Purple Patch is a social enterprise and we run creative education classes; we teach through dance, drama, movement, music, visual arts. Stories without words is a multi-sensory way of working but using classic texts and bringing them to life.

Winning the money would be amazing because it would mean we could continue the work we do and really reach more schools and more young people. I think you’d be silly not to dare to dream [of winning funding from the Aviva Community Fund] when you manage to get down to the last four [finalists] but we’ve all been trying to hold it in a just a little bit. I think if we dare to dream too much then we’ll be planning what we can do and where we can go!

Diane Chapman - Aviva: Well I’ve come to give you some good news. You don’t have to wait any longer, you’ve actually won the £25,000 [of funding from the Aviva Community Fund]!

Various Purple Patch Arts volunteers embrace and congratulate each other

Bronia Angove – Purple Patch Arts: Thank you! It’s amazing! I can’t believe it, it’s going to allow us to do so much.

Bronia Angove – Purple Patch Arts: This is incredible. It means that all the planning and all the amazing work we want to do, we are now able to do and we’ll be able to visit hundreds more young people like these fabulous guys here.

Gilly Bryerley – Purple Patch Arts: It means that we can work with literally hundreds more children. We can update all of our props and our specialist resources and we can get our specialist staff into more schools and working with more young people. It’s just amazing!

Video transcript

Patricia Hearsey Age UK Barnet beneficiary: Clint Eastwood’s been my hero right the way through because I think he is lovely.

Mark Stephen Robinson – Age UK Barnet: We run a variety of different activities in the community, we run exercise classes, social clubs, cooking clubs. They [the Age UK Barnet beneficiaries] said ‘it would be nice to see films’ and we said ‘Yes, okay, so how do we do that?’

Louise Jennings - Age UK Barnet beneficiary: Well, as long as I can see some of the really old, good movies like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind and Rebecca especially.

Julia Hines – Age UK Barnet: There was a suggestion of a film club, but we don’t have a television. So, we thought that would be a nice idea, it would be a way of bringing people together.

Nell Thorp – Age UK Barnet beneficiary: I don’t like any of these [films] that are always fighting with guns lots of killing, I don’t like those type of things. I like something sort of jolly.

John Levy - Aviva: So if you won [funding from the Aviva Community Fund], how exactly would you spend the money?

Mark Stephen Robinson – Age UK Barnet: Well, what we would do is buy a couple of big televisions so that we could run a film club for the people who come to our centres.

John Levy - Aviva: There’s something else as well. A little bit extra. I’m here to tell you that you have actually won the £5,000 today.

Mark Stephen Robinson – Age UK Barnet: That’s really wonderful. Thank you very much indeed. You know, it’s not every day you get given £5,000 and I am really delighted.

Julia Hines – Age UK Barnet: We will be asking people what they want to watch for their first film and I hope it will be Some Like It Hot.

Louise Jennings - Age UK Barnet beneficiary: The other film I liked was the King of Eye and also Casablanca. They had a story behind them.

Unknown: We are very lucky, aren’t we? Lucky it is going to carry on.

Video transcript

Geoff Stevens – Pathways Care Farm: We are a care farm, it’s a farm where people come who have dementia or mental health or learning difficulties. People come and they work on the land, they work with animals or they work by growing vegetables and planting things.

Sally Clapham – Pathways Care Farm: I have got Bipolar and I find outdoor work really, really useful to me. What I find is when I am doing stuff like this, it takes me out of my head and puts me into what I am doing.

Geoff Stevens – Pathways Care Farm: Plant something in a pot, see it start to come out of the ground, stroke an animal, just be together, have lunch together, talk, laugh.

Claire Higgins – Pathways Care Farm: My father suffered from depression for most of his life and other mental illnesses and this [Pathways Care Farm] would have been fantastic.

Geoff Stevens – Pathways Care Farm: We have spent probably about £8,000 on equipment, so small amounts of money mean an enormous amount to us.

John Franklin - Aviva: I just have to step in there because I’m pleased to tell you, you have actually won [funding from the Aviva Community Fund].

Geoff Stevens – Pathways Care Farm: Oh, that’s amazing. Thank you so much, thank you so much!

Various Pathways Care Farm volunteers embrace and congratulate each other

John Franklin - Aviva: It is well deserved, this is an inspirational place, it’s really is deserved, well done indeed.

Geoff Stevens – Pathways Care Farm: This is a huge amount (of money) for us and it really will benefit a lot of people so we are very, very grateful and very, very happy.

Unknown: and well done Ja-Ja (the name of a goose that Geoff is holding)!

Video transcript


oh my god

[excited laughter]

Have we?

Have we actually won?

[excited laughter]


oh my goodness

[excited laughter]

oh that’s fantastic

I did not know that!

I thought it was…


Oh yes!

Well done!


Well done, thank you very much!

It means so much

Yeah it does


Anna has kept that very quiet